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A Message From the Human Art Tribe:

President Obama made plans to put Harriet Tubman on the twenty-dollar bill by 2020. President Trump, a big fan of the white supremacist currently on the twenty (Andrew Jackson), delayed progress on the bill and the American public was told that it would not appear until 2028. While campaigning for the presidency, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris promised to speed up the process, yet now we are hearing that the Tubman twenty won’t be out until 2030.

Enough delays!

Now more than ever, our country needs women and men of action who stand up for justice like Harriet Tubman. Join the Human Art Tribe on August 1st, 3:00pm at the historical marker for the famed Pennsylvania Hall (on 6th Street between Race and Arch) and show your support of Harriet Tubman and the cause of justice.

Come meet the artist behind the bill and the Human Art Tribe distributing it nationwide. The first 20 people to arrive will get a free Tubman20 t-shirt and large poster print of the Human Art Tribe bill. Everyone who attends will receive a free pack of Tubman 20s to distribute to friends and family.

Be there. Help send a message to the Biden administration demanding an end to the delay.

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Pennsylvania Hall Historical Marker

Date: August 1st
Time: 3:00 pm Eastern
Place: The historical marker of Pennsylvania Hall (on 6th between Race and Arch)

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Petition to Put Harriet Tubman on the Twenty Dollar Bill

To the President and Treasury Secretary,

We demand that Harriet Tubman replace Andrew Jackson on the U.S. twenty dollar bill without further excuses or delay.

Tubman Bill Photo Registry

The Human Art Tribe is distributing Tubman Twenties across the nation. Check out our photo registry to see the many places they have been found.

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